No, membership is not required. You can join as a member or opt for drop-in play, paying as you go. However, both members and visitors need a CourtReserve account to sign our Terms and Conditions for open play and other activities. *Note: If your email is already in the system, log in to your existing account and add Lubbock Indoor Pickleball under My Organizations –Join Another Organization.

No, walk-ins are permitted if a court is available, but planning ahead is recommended.

Members and visitors can use the CourtReserve app to book courts. The app is free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

Premium Membership ($89/month): Ideal for those who play open play 4 or more times a week. Includes discounts, FREE open play, and four FREE monthly court reservations, with 24/7/365 access.

Limited Membership ($59/month): For those who play open play up to 3 times a week. Includes limited FREE open play and discounted hourly rates for court reservations.

Visitor: Pay-as-you-go with no recurring fees. No discounts for events or open play, with higher rates for court reservations.

$10 visitor fee per player plus the court fee of $26 (not to exceed $36 total for a court hour).

A scheduled session with an open format. Register for a spot, show up, and rotate in and out to mix and match with others. FREE for both Limited and Premium members, visitors pay the published rate.

We are partnering with the Suzee Anderson Pickleball Academy for clinics and private and group lessons. Pickleball 101 is available for beginners.

Yes, contact us through the Parties & Events section or email for details.

Premium Members: 24/7/365.
Limited Members and Visitors: 6 a.m. to 10p.m. most days (excluding some major holidays).

A tool for reserving and managing court bookings. Download from the App Store or Google Play, create an account, and search for our facility to make reservations.

Wear comfortable athletic clothes, and non-marking court shoes, bring a water bottle, pickleball balls, protective eyewear, and your paddle.

Click on JOIN US or BOOK A COURT and create a profile in CourtReserve for Lubbock Indoor Pickleball.

Check CourtReserve’s event page for specific drop-in sessions to see sign-ups and available slots.

All players need an active membership or to pay as a visitor. Observers who are not playing are allowed without a fee.

Only premium members have 24/7 access via an entrance key fob.

Stop by our front desk, email us, or call us to add family members with shared addresses.

Check CourtReserve on the mobile app or click on Reserve a Court or Member Login on our website

Install the CourtReserve app or access it on our website by clicking on Join Now, Reserve a Court, or Member Login.

Each visitor pays the hourly rate regardless of who reserves the court. Additional fees may apply, detailed under LIP Memberships.